January 2011 update on copying and copyright

Before the holiday break, information was circulated to the community about changes in the copyright landscape for universities in Canada.  There has been a subsequent development that has implications for faculty, staff and students in the short term. This development allows us to address copying concerns raised and enables us to implement the university’s new fair dealing guidelines.

The Development
Specifically, the Copyright Board of Canada has approved Access Copyright's application to collect an interim tariff from post secondary institutions for copying. Access Copyright’s main application for an increased tariff for copying continues at the Copyright Board.  Accordingly, unless an institution "opts out" of the Access Copyright regime, Access Copyright has the right to continue to collect fees for copying published material controlled by Access Copyright.

What this means to the York University Community
York University, like several other universities, has decided to operate under the interim tariff for the Winter and Summer terms. We are thus entitled to the same protection that was in place with the previous copying license (that expired on December 31, 2010). This will give us all the time needed to take steps necessary to implement the fair dealing guidelines and transition to a copying regime outside of Access Copyright.

The Future
Plans are being put in place to oversee this transition, to communicate with the community further and to assist with questions about copying.  Further details will be provided in the coming weeks about copyright requirements for Fall/Winter 2011-2012.

Contact Us
In the meantime, for further information and updates, please see:www.yorku.ca/copyright
or contact Patricia Lynch at pmlynch@yorku.ca.


York University's licence with Access Copyright to make copies of published material expired on December 31, 2010.

To Copy or Post Published Material, You Must:

  • obtain specific permission or another licence from the copyright owner to copy or post published material; or
  • comply with the Fair Dealing Guidelines when copying or posting published material.

Avoid posting published material on course management systems or on course websites without specific permission.

Check with the Libraries to see if there is a licence or subscription that permits copying, posting, or linking to the published material.

Note that copying outside fair dealing or without a licence or permission may result in personal liability for copyright infringement and increases the risk of copyright infringement claims against the university.

Contact Us

For assistance in obtaining the permission required for copying or posting, contact York University's Copyright Clearance Centre at: ckits@yorku.ca or (416)736-2100 ext. 40706

For further information and updates, please see: http://www.yorku.ca/copyright