17/07/2012 - Update on Fair Dealing and Bill C-11

Supreme Court of Canada's Decisions on Fair Dealing

On July 12, 2012, a series of Supreme Court of Canada rulings on copyright were announced. These decisions broaden the Copyright Act's fair dealing provision for materials copied for classroom use. We will be providing practical guidance on how these changes have an impact on your copying choices. The AUCC's counsel is working on updating the fair dealing guidelines and we are expecting these shortly. We will update the York University community when they are completed. Until that time, the information on the background of fair dealing, guidelines and FAQs on fair dealing is current and should be referred to when making copying decisions.

Bill C-11 (The Copyright Modernization Act)

While Bill C-11 has been passed by both the House of Commons and Senate and received Royal Assent on June 29, 2012 it is still not in effect.  It must go through an order-in-council process before it has an impact on our copying practices. Until that time, the fair dealing guidelines and FAQs on fair dealing should be followed when making copies. We will be updating our fair dealing guidelines shortly to account for the changes that will be introduced as Bill C-11 goes into effect.