Course Kits

Course Kits, or course packs, are customized publications which contain selected materials for a specific course. They are collections of copyrighted materials that can serve as either an up-to-date supplement to a textbook or as the primary resource for students. More information on the services provided by the Course Kit Centre can be found here.
What types of content can be included in Course Kits?

  • Chapters from text and trade books
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Business cases
  • Out-of-print books
  • Instructors' own material
  • Course syllabus
  • Course and Lab notes
  • Reports
  • Journal articles
  • Other types of  published content

Review your course materials with the Course Kit staff. They will be able to provide guidance on what content can be included in your course kit.

Remember: Instructors who create their own course notes or lab manuals should verify that they own the copyright on all of the material. For example any figures, graphs or art work that have been created by another author may require copyright clearance.


Does York University rely on the Fair Dealing Guidelines to make copies of short excerpts in course packs?  No, currently we do not rely on Fair Dealing. Copyright is cleared through the rights holders, publishers or third party vendors.

How are royalty fees determined?  Royalty fees are set by the rights holder or publisher.

How do students purchase Course Kits?  Course Kits are made available for students to purchase through the York University Bookstore, online or through a bulk purchase by a department.