Image Attribution/Citations

To track your image use we recommend providing a citation for each image on the final slide of the slide deck.

  • Title of the image
  • Image creator's name (artist, photographer, etc.)
  • Date the image (or work represented by the image) was created
  • Institution (gallery, museum) where the image is located / owned (if applicable)
  • Copyrighted date
  • Date of access (important to know if a website is no longer available)
  • Source of the image (for internet content this would include the complete URL to the image source page)

Creative Commons licensed images (CC)

Attribution for content licensed under a Creative Commons (CC) licence should include:

  • Title of image
  • Name of the creator
  • Source of the image (usually in the form of a URL to image source page)
  • Any copyright information included with an image (such as a watermark)
  • Creative Common licence information (including link back to CC licensing page if possible)

You can find more details on attribution requirements and examples of citations for CC licensed material here:

Students may want to print out copies of your slides so include all of the information they will need to locate the images.  Providing the full licence type and URL will ensure that information is not lost in the move from an online to a printed format.

For a very helpful guide to attributing Creative Commons material see a Factsheet from the Australian Research council Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation in partnership with CC Australia: Attributing Creative Commons Materials,

Images from Public Domain Materials

It may be difficult to locate information on an image that is from a work in the public domain. However, the best practice is to include in the citation, at a minimum, the Creator’s name, Title of the image, Source of the image (for internet content this would include the full URL to the image source page).

Library Image Databases

There are several excellent image databases accessible through Yok University Libraries. The terms of use are set by the database licence. For example Artsor, Early Encounters in North America, Grove Art Online etc. Minimum attribution should be Creator’s name, Title of the image, Source of the image (Full URL to the image source page/Database to track the source).

Images from the Internet

In addition to online databases, many images can be found on blogs and individual websites. Research the copyright owner, terms of use, copyright notices and attribution required for a specific image to ensure that the image has been legally posted. If it can be used and no specific attribution requirements are indicated use the Creator’s name, Title of the image, Source of the image (Full URL to image source page).

Using images from Print Publications

The York Fair Dealing guidelines permit the posting of short excerpts, including images, Figures, etc. More information on Fair Dealing is available at Items must carry acknowledgement of the following:

  • Source
  • Title & Author of the excerpt
  • Title & author of the work (Book/Journal/Newspaper)
  • Date of Publication
  • Volume number, issue number (Journal, Magazines)
  • Publisher
  • Page(s) or page range used

Information on different citation formats can be found here:

Attribution examples for image




  1. Components of the Attribution
  1. Short, hyperlinked attribution statement.

caption: Sky with a view (c) Pinwheelz, CC BY-SA 4.0

  1. Full, hyperlinked attribution statement.

      Sky with a view (c)  Pinwheelz, used under Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

  1. Short, text only attribution statement.

Sky with a view (c) Pinwheelz ( CC BY-SA 4.0

  1. Full, text only attribution statement.

Sky with a view by Pinwheelz, retrieved from used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

      *York staff amateur photographer