Laws, Statutes, Judicial Decisions and Govt. of Can. Publications

The Government of Canada permits copying of federal laws, statutes, and judicial decisions (except for headnotes/abstracts/summaries) without obtaining permission and without paying royalties. Similarly, the Government of Ontario permits anyone to copy its laws, statutes, and judicial decisions without permission or payment of royalties. In both cases, one must be careful to ensure the accuracy of the copy and must not hold the copy out to be an official version of the law, statute, or judicial decision. If you wish to reproduce materials from other provinces or territories, check with the relevant province or territory to determine if permission and/or payment of royalties is required.

Government of Canada Publications

Content that has been created under the direction of the Government of Canada is governed by Crown Copyright. For updates on when permission is required to reproduce Government of Canada material see the Government of Canada Publication on Crown Copyright.